New Company forms

These forms are in Fillable PDF. You are able to type in the information and then print them.

They will be added to as and when we require others but these should get you going.
(Click on any of them to open them in a new window)

COR9.1 - Application to Reserve Name

COR9.4 - Confirmation Notice of Name Reservation

COR14.1 - Notice of Incorporation

COR14.1 Annexure A - Notice of Incorporation (Initial Directors)

COR14.1 Annexure B - Notice of Incorporation (Alternative Names)

COR14.1 Annexure D - Notice of Incorporation (Company Appointments)

COR15.1 Annexure A - Memorandum of Incorporation (Short Version)

COR15.2 - Notice of Amendment of Memorandum of Incorporation

COR18.1 - Application to Convert Close Corporation

COR21.1 - Notice of change of Registered Address

COR21.2 - Notice of Person authorised to Accept Service

COR25 - Notice of Change of Year End

COR39 - Notice of Change of Company Directors

COR40.5 - Application for Re-instatement of Deregistered Company

COR44 - Notice of Change of Company Officials

Some Other Useful forms

BBBEE Affidavit

Old Manual VAT201

Old Manual EMP201

(If you are looking for a particular form that is not here, feel free to email me. I may have converted it and not uploaded it yet)

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